My artistic work is process driven. Scientific knowledge, spiritual experiences, emotions, phenomena, and materials are gathered and processed. I ask simple (or complicated) questions such as: "Why is it so?" I wonder about local and global actions and consequences, such as climate change or political systems. Why we do not find the will to break a negative and life-threatening spiral?
This is where my art research begins. As a rule, one or more "rabbit holes" appear that I stumble into while creating. Sometimes former works and imagery meets new ideas and other knowledge that allows for new works, ideas, or functions.
Art is evolving together with life.
The art reminds you that life is a one-time phenomenon. It can provide presence and tranquility or stir you out of a set situation or idea as a catalyst. Both are equally relevant, if the maker and viewer allow art to thrive in life. An important implication of my artistic process is the understanding of consequence of my life and the world that continues after my death. What do I contribute to the world after I am dead? Have I spent more resources of the biosphere, both material and conceptual, than I am able to give back in a nurturing way?
In the Anthropocene, the recognition that the consequences of the life one lives is an important knowledge.
Everything has a relationship to everything.
The violent silence spreads across the globe as nature disappears. The noise of people will keep getting higher as our living areas diminish. To possess this knowledge is to live in the violence we inflict on ourselves and our surroundings.

Thank you!
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