An artist living up north
 Espen Tversland (b. 1970) lives and works in Brønnøysund. Tversland graduated from the Norwegian Academy of Fine Arts 1998-2002. He studied 3d animation and video art under Kjell Bjørgeengen and Dagmar Demming. Tversland has participated and won jury prizes at three different regional exhibitions. He made his debut at the Autumn Exhibition in 2003, and this year is one of the artists selected to participate in the Atomic Exhibition of Northern Norway. In recent years, Tversland's video works have been shown around the world at various film, art and technology festivals; including "Punto y Raya"'s world tour with selected video works in 2018, Besides the screens in Brazil in 2019 and  Noosphere arts Rooftop series We are nature in New York in 2021.
He is motivated by science, spiritual experiences, emotions, phenomena, and materials that he collects and processes. He asks big and small questions based on human intervention in nature, with a focus on the northen regions.

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